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The Sergeants Dinner Club

From Toby North,

Dear All

At the AGM of the Sergeants Dinner Club, John Venus and his committee stood down and I was proposed seconded and approved by the members present to take over as the club Chairman and form a committee, which was formerly done as follows:

1. Secretary = Arthur Christian
2. Treasurer = Brian Stonard
3. Member = Steve McIntyre


My first task on behalf of the membership was to record a vote of thanks to the old committee and their wives for all they had done for the club over the past years and to propose that John Venus became our honorary President in recognition of his years of supporting the dinner club. This was supported unanimously by the members present.

I then discussed with the membership the future of the dinner club and the feed back that I had received from a document published back in September headed the future of, The DERR Sergeants Dinner Club see attached.
The main and most important points of and from the document is:

1. Membership
2. The Format, Annual / bi-annual
3. Entertainment
4. Location
5. Cost

Membership, who can be qualified as claiming to be a member, currently all those that ever served with the DERR as a Sergeant to included attachments at anytime! This needs to be reviewed and possibly changed various suggestions have been noted already.

Format, many of those that no longer attend said that they felt that the club had become stale and that they were not prepared to travel long distances for a one-night dinner B&B format! It is suggested that the committee should consider finding a suitable venue that the members can bolt on additional options so that they could make the function a weekend event if they wanted to. In addition, a venue that could offer entertainment and interesting surroundings.

The basic Ladies dinner format for a Saturday night would remain the main feature of the event.

Annual v Bi-Annual, The general feeling here is that when you mis a year out some will take the option of only coming now and then and the dinner will continue to be poorly supported, It was felt that the annual ladies dinner event keeps the members wanting to come and they can get it in their social calendars every year! To be continued to be monitored and discussed.

Location, The recent DERR@60 Event on Hayling Island stats show that the Regimental Family is spread the length and breadth of not only the country but the world but with the UK in mind it would appear that a function in middle England would be the fairest option in terms of members getting to the event, another plus is that it’s generally cheaper north of Watford Gap?, With this in mind your new committee will produce the 2020 dinner at the Windmill Hotel Spa, Birmingham Road, Allesley, Coventry, CV5 9AL, a copy of the return for this event is attached. More feedback welcome.

Cost, as you will know the club is basically self-funding meaning the membership will pay for what we have using the common rule of value for money as a criteria. Once members have given a commitment by paying a deposit, we should also consider giving the membership the option of paying the balance for the event by monthly direct debit, this was a popular choice regarding DERR@60 event.

As always relaying our message and getting the event information out there has always been an issue so we will be using the Rifles and RGBW Website and other social media frames to ensure that we contact as many potential members as we possibly can but this is where each and every one of YOU can help as you all have your Regimental buddies list so you are encouraged to share and spread the word, just remember the criteria for a membership; currently must have served in DERR as a sergeant or attached to DERR as a sergeant, the only other way to get a ticket to join us for dinner is go get a current member to invite you as their guest’s, In addition to this we will set up regional reps as follows to look after the membership in their areas:

1. The North of England = Steve Pocock
2. The Midlands = Peter Mallows
3. The South West = Arthur Christian
4. The County of Wiltshire = Dave Fielding
5. The County of Berkshire = Steve McIntyre
6. The South East = Dave Morgan

Still looking for someone to represent, the South of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Rest of the world. Any member who wishes to volunteer please contact Toby, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To conclude, your committee is dedicated to ensuring that the Sergeants dinner Club continues as our founders wanted it to, recognising our fine Regiment while we do that. No club or organisation can be successful without the backing of its members, so if you are as keen as we are to continue the movement please get the 10th of October 2020 into your social calendar and get your likewise friends to do the same. The return for the 2020 dinner is attached and will be available via the website so it’s very important to get the deposit paid and decide how you want to pay the balance. Your committee is ready to advise and help you and their contact details are at the bottom of the page.

Support, The DERR Sergeants Dinner Club with your presents on the 10th October 2020

Toby North, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Arthur Christian, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Brian Stonard, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Toby North

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