65th Anniversary DERR Reunion

June 2024

I have been asked by Bill Sherman to advertise the plans to hold a 60th Anniversary Reunion for the DERR in June 2024.
Following on from the successful 50th and 60th DERR Anniversary Reunions there has been an initiative to have a 65th Reunion at Warner’s Lakeside on Hayling Island again.

Originally it was proposed that group bookings of 8 to 10 would attract a greater price reduction but with savings being minimal and payment  complications if any of your party were to drop out  Norman Minty has discovered that the consensus is that self booking, (at the earliest opportunity for best accommodation), is the best way to go, ask for military discount.

An example:
I’ve booked a standard single, with Breakfast, evening meal, access to all amenities, with £20  payment protection, (covers deposit and Balance (check conditions) = £294.  Deposit £20, balance payable in March 2024.

Arthur Christian put this link on to Facebook for the lakeside, which allows people to check the facilities etc.
The phone number to book is;
0330 100 9774   Option 2
The campsite is…’Lakeside’,  Hampshire 

The initiative seems to be gaining momentum so if you wish to go in 2024 get booking.

Once you have booked and paid your deposit it would be useful if you could inform the organisers by completing this form 65th Anniversary Group Return (farmersboys.org)

How Much is this gonna cost you?

So how much is this going to cost?

Listed below are the prices given by Warners

Standard Room £259.00 pp

Supreme Room £325.00pp

Woodland Lodge £313.00pp

Harbour Suites £355.00pp

Please note if your group booking is more than three you get £10 discount per person but you also get an additional £10 discount per person for being a veteran, make sure you ask for this. It brings down a standard apartment to £249 instead of £269.

What's included:

Breakfast & Dinner


Leisure Facilities


Room treats

There is also an optional £20 holiday protection policy that covers deposits, balances if anyone is unable to attend. Might be worth looking at as it’s 15 months away.

Here's the phone number to book 0330 100 9774

  • Firstly, when calling the phone number (0330 100 9774) you need at make a booking for a party of XX. Do NOT ask to make a group booking as the terminology means something very different for Warner and you get directed to a ‘group booking handler’. Hence the initial confusion.
  • When making a booking for your party you need to provide a veterans code in order to get Veterans discount. I didn’t have this so did not make a booking.
  • The £20 discount per room is still available without a Veterans code.  
  • Once you have made the booking for your party, if you provide the name, address and postcode of each couple, they can phone Warner direct to make payment. This saves the Group Leader holding or paying any funds or dealing with cancellations.

The initial deposit is £20 per room – paid by the group leader when booking. Full payment must be made by 15 March 2024