The Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment

(Berkshire & Wiltshire)

The sun had set beyond yon hill, Across the dreary moor, When weary and lame, a boy there came, Up to the farmer's door, "Can you tell me whe'ere I be, And one that will me employ," To plough and sow, to reap and mow, And be a farmer's boy, And be a farmer's boy?

The Sergeants Dinner Club

From Toby North,

Dear All

At the AGM of the Sergeants Dinner Club, John Venus and his committee stood down and I was proposed seconded and approved by the members present to take over as the club Chairman and form a committee, which was formerly done as follows:

1. Secretary = Arthur Christian
2. Treasurer = Brian Stonard
3. Member = Steve McIntyre

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The Regimental Journal

DERR Journals

The Farmer's Boys web team are in the process of up loading ALL of the Regimental Jopurnals from the 1st Battalion.

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The Death of Saiasi Baleimatuku, DERR

We have been informed of the passing of CSgt Saiasi Baleimatuku commonly known as Bali. Bali died in the early hours of Sunday morning after a long illness.

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